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Hazelhurst art on paper

Cindy Tonkin - June 6, 2017

I finally got to the Hazelhurst works on paper.

Not only was it interesting, the gallery cafe makes excellent food. On a sunny autumn day it was a wonderful place to be.

Some of what the curators had chosen puzzled me: why the pieces were on the wall in a gallery was beyond me. Others grew on me. And some were spectacular.

I’ve hashtagged all of the artists for the pieces below on my instagram feed, so if you’re curious please find them there (the admin for this kind of thing is just so big!).

This chest of drawers in the cafe was my favourite piece (well not really).

I liked the combo of branches and book-like, box-like structures  of these ones:

Up close this one wasn’t as impressive as it is from a distance: up close it’s just patches of colour, but the overall pattern is seductive!

This piece was knitted from a shredded street directory.  It’s better appreciated up close (because from a distance it’s just knitting).

I usually avoid video in galleries, but this was mesmerising: the artist had cut out reproductions of female nudes from art books, and then assembled them all together as a moving collage. The different colours from different books were interesting, and the video had real women’s hands occasionally visible moving and respositioning the pieces around, and that gave it a different feel too. This is a still from the video.

this is a rubbing of a fireplace and wall, which i just loved.

This piece was more interesting for the way multiple pieces were hung on a roll from a rod, and then secured to the wall by a rod as well.

This is my buddy Sandra Winkworth’s piece – she has painstakingly recreated in watercolour actual lolly wrappers she found discarded in the street. And each piece is double-sided.

These lotus flowers were folded from joss paper. check out my instagram for a video of it up close “breathing”. The kid had just climbed underneath it, unfortunately i was not quick enough to get a pic of him under it.

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