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Group Show Ewart Gallery 2003

Cindy Tonkin - June 3, 2003

This was a group exhibition at the Ewart Galley when I was going to Adrienne Crouch’s classes, probably in June 2003.

I did a long installation which we called Pain Perdu. It stretched all along the walls. i see very little artistic merit in it now, 20 years later, and the glory of the colours is mostly great!

I was also obsessing over trees. There was a forest frieze i made on a giant box, folded like a concertina – the first in a series of concertinas I would make over the years. This is the one which caused me to go looking for how autumn leaves fall from trees (one by one, on the side of the wind is blowing them, but not on the other – so in clumps, sorta). I didn’t know how to photograph the frieze. I was so proud of it. I think i chucked it out after the exhibition. probably for the best.

I kept the price list. I believe nothing sold.

  • Track $100
  • Farm I – $50
  • Farm II – $50
  • Farm III – $50
  • Vamp – $50
  • Regal – Japanese Series – $50
  • Guitar – $100
  • James on cushion $50
  • James searching for a thought $50
  • James II $150
  • Autumn/Winter $100
  • Cottage $150

And I wrote this piece – maybe as an artist’s statement?

10 good reasons to take art classes

  1. you notice how autumn leaves stay on the tree and in what pattern, because you’ll want to make a “copy” on paper at some point
  2. you can work out which paint colours will go together to create the most beautiful sunset you’re witnessing
  3. you begin to notice sunsets
  4. you can never just read a magazine in the waiting room – now you’re wondering whether anyone will mind you ripping out the most splendid colour you’ve seen, so you can take it home and use it somewhere
  5. you’ll be doing it, and at some point something clicks, and suddenly, you can make beauty
  6. making beauty is just like meditating, but much more satisfying
  7. when you’re stressed out, it helps you relax, and puts perspective on things
  8. it gives you something to talk about at dinner parties
  9. your friends and family will admire you for doing something for yourself
  10. sometimes, they’ll like what you create, and so will you.

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