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Group Games-a-go-go

Cindy Tonkin - March 19, 2017

This morning I worked with Confetti Gun. We focused on group games.

Here is the list of games I made before we began:

  • we see 8 (see Bill Arnett’s new book, the Complete Improviser)
  • scene painting (like a Wes Anderson film, the set is just as important), o mighty isis
  • character painting
  • Monologues (true, character with or without dialogue, addressed to an offstage character)
  • Press conference (again, see Bill’s book p 114 for more on this)
  • Word association (standing still, moving, doing an action; words only, words and premises, A to B, A to C)
  • Documentary
  • Spoon/goon river, narrated story (be IN the story, don’t just tell it)
  • Invocation (it is, you are, thou art, i am)
  • “organic”
  • follow the pattern, follow the follower
  • cocktail party / lounge room / improvactually (as yourself, as characters: just remember everyone AGREES in a group game, and nothing needs to happen)
  • singing, machines, sound and movement

Here are some ideas we found useful (I’m again much indebted to Bill Arnett’s book for making much of this clearer to me)

  • group games are a “reset” mechanism, a palate cleanser; they are general agreement scenes, nothing needs to happen – you’re creating fodder to use later
  • the connections from the group game to the scene doesn’t have to be conscious
  • try the “school of fishes” approach to scene painting and character painting – maintain eye contact with your troupe
  • if you’re uncomfortable in a group game just mirror someone else on stage
  • build the object, don’t just talk about it
  • if you always find yourself at the end sticking out and not sure what to do dive in first (the first one in only needs one idea / gesture / word and everyone else does the rest of the work)

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