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Cindy Tonkin - August 1, 2020

Enchantment is the first time I’ve put letters into a flag book to spell a word (see alphabetical for letters randomly arranged in a double-sided flag). 

Clearly, the word is enchantment. 

I’m not 100% convinced it’s exactly what I would do again. I’d fix these things: the word itself is illegible unless the back cover is at a right angle. While the idea of putting the letters at different depths appealed to me a lot, in practice the human eye isn’t used to pushing back and pulling forward for each letter. No one I’ve shown it to has been able to read it. The letter c keeps falling apart.

But I LOVE it. mostly because of the colour combo (the pale green was such a surprise but looks delicious with the peach and the pale blue).  This is part of the offcuts series.  

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