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Edition Variee – Paris Pix

Cindy Tonkin - March 2, 2014

I had never made more than one copy of a book, and most of my friends in Sydney BAG were making a series for Book Art Object. So I had a go. Most of my work is from individual ephemera and recycled bits, so they couldn’t be identical. This is an edition variee. (varied edition, right?) All made with the same techniques, just using a different photo (or different parts of the same photo). Since all of the photos were printed on my dot matrix it was easy to select ones with the right colurs to go along with each other. Made from photos of Paris printed after my visit there in 2006 ish. Each is a concertina with a few signatures, stitched together. Then each one has its own little belly band. The interior pages are craft paper and sewing pattern paper. I especially like them all lined up! I’m not really happy with the end product – next time I do this I will colour / decorate the back of the photograph before making it into a book, because the white on the back of the photo is just wrong. The book is about 3cm square on each page, and about 1cm thick. Completed before I went to France in August 2013.  

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