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Double concertina moku

Cindy Tonkin - September 12, 2014

This double concertina with pockets was originally going to hold something, but when i put it together i didn’t want to cover up the pretty!
it’s made from a work i did with gouache and  ink in 2007. I’d just done a weekend moku workshop, and i was trying to duplicate another work I’d done which everyone had wanted. Of course that never happens.
So now the gouache work is a book. The front cover measures 15cm square, each of the pages is around 7cm x 14cm. There are two concertinas which are all from the same original work, so they “match” but they are not the same.
Next week I’ll think about how to close the front cover (maybe one of my fimo buttons?). Right now it’s weighted down between a book of 1920s Australian gangster photos and an Eisenstaedt book on my bookshelf pile (set sideways so as to most easily weigh down books. One day I’ll get some dedicated book weights, but for now other books seem to do quite well.
I did another two small books today.

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