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Cindy Tonkin - September 13, 2014

This book started months ago. I have this beautiful translucent paper bought in a lucky dip pack and a paper store years go. I saw the works of two German women at Manly Library back in March 2014, and they had used translucent paper with letter press, and the letters were the decoration. So I made a few works back then here and here using the paper and devising my own stylised alphabet style.
The paper that was left over I had cut into uniform sizes, but not done anything with it at all.
so I wanted to use the squares on this pretty blue paper.
I took an old moku work and made a crown binding. The binding was a beautiful object in itself. I almost didn’t add any pages. But in the end i did, and then i trimmed them in wing-like shapes and the book ended up butterfly-like.
Then I made a second one, where I cut out the shapes of the flowers already on the paper.
hard to store, but very pretty, especially when the light shines through the pages.
The words are from a W.B.Yeats poem The Cloths of Heaven.

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