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Do Ho Suh at MCA

Cindy Tonkin - November 16, 2022

Saw this exhibition of Do Ho Suh’s work at the MCA in Sydney.

It was whimsical, magical and dreamy.

it exhibits a level of perseverance which will never be part of my arts practice – this guy wrapped his childhood home in Korea in mulberry paper, hand-rubbed it, removed it, built a structure to hold it up and then re-erected it (at the MCA, and no doubt, a few other places). He reproduced everything – light switches, powerpoints, doorbells, everything.

The long tunnel of places he’s lived reproduced in organza was breathtaking. The tiny sculptured people holding up a floor, the tiny school photographs of his classmates covering a wall.

My mind goes to the need for a decent sized studio to do these large scale works – if they take up an entire room at the MCA then my workshop would need to be of similar size (and bigger, because works in progress). so i’ve begun to use more of my home. right now I have been doing a lot of woodwork of actual furniture (tables, chairs, beds have been renovated or re-purposed, and there are a few more to go). I’ve also got a plan to make a large dining table from the box my dad made for me years ago.

Here are my images from Do Ho Suh. Such a lovely thing.

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