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Concertina in a box

Cindy Tonkin - September 7, 2010

I’m guessing that I made this tiny concertina in a box about 2010. Just making the date up really!
it’s 4x4cm or thereabouts.
the box is covered in pages from an Australian bush ballads book my dad gave me for my 10th birthday. the jewels on top are from my brief jewelry making phase.

the front of the concertina were some left over pieces of hand made paper which I bought when i first started collaging and didn’t know what I would need papers for. some of the navy, black and dark green papers have flecks of gold in them, which I like. And the front is also decorated with random “nice” words cut from magazines.

there are also some of my original photographs decorating the front: I can see one from cockatoo island here (the pink one with rivets).


and the airplanes are from a chicago summer 2008 air show.


and windows from a chateau in the Loire below (the one with the double staircase).

this stripy paper was a gift wrapping I saved for years, because it was so happy. it adorns probably half of the length of the concertina


and where I ran out of wrapping paper I used more bush ballads for the back of the concertina


I believe this piece is now in the hands of one of the people who helped me pull together my application for Telstra business women’s awards in 2013. I didn’t make it into the finalists. but someone has a lovely book as a thank you from helping me get there!

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