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Coastal Exhibition at the Joy Ewart Gallery Willoughby

Cindy Tonkin - February 1, 2008

These works are the ones I displayed at Coastal, an exhibition in February 2008.

My fellow artists, Pip Carroll, Anna Warren, Margaret Westcott had a series of works too. Our theme was coastal and for more than a year before I photographed the sea everywhere I went, and painted seagulls and sand and sea. I did my first workshop on artist’s books and made two altered books specifically for the show.

Click here to see the installation works that also formed part of the exhibition.

Each piece has its own story.

The only piece I sold at the exhibition was a collaged thong (look at the installation works to see it).

Afterwards I put them all on ebay, where one work, subject to a bidding war, which pushed to a great price (less than I had on the piece at exhibition). The others went to good homes for about the price of postage. I enjoyed the process.

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