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Build analytics capability, soft skills for data science

Cindy Tonkin in action

Here’s some video of me in action, just so you can get a sense of who I am. I’d love to work with you and your team, so contact me and we’ll make that happen!

That’s me, Cindy Tonkin, in the video.

I help clever people make smarter people decisions. The video is a 5 minute pecha kucha I gave to a few hundred people at Ignite Sydney a while ago.

Click here for testimonials about me and my work.

This video is from Wired for Wonder in 2013. The story precedes this clip (you can go backwards) but there was an earring scraping at the mic. You get the punch line here, scroll back to get the set up!

This one is facilitating a large group to practice being vulnerable and open, using improv techniques. Brene Brown had done her keynote moments before this workshop, so the room was abuzz with wanting to be safely vulnerable. Go forward to around 12:54 to hear what they learnt from the simple exercise. There are around 44 people in the room, mostly strangers to each other. This was a break out session from the larger 600 person conference.

This is me presenting a model I made to help independent consultants win more work – it’s around listening to clients and finding out what they need. Somehow the words and the video is out of synch, but it gives you a sense of who I am.

And here’s a webinar on presenting with presence.