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Cardboard Cities

Cindy Tonkin - August 13, 2022

Delighted by a recent trip to the AGNSW. We found hundreds of little cardboard houses and structures on shelves.

we joined a Saturday morning public workshop to make more of them. Most of the people doing it were under 10, but as grown-assed adults we didn’t card. Scissors, hot glue guns, sticky tape, what’s not to like?

Apparently there will be an installation in January 2023, and the public are making the “stock” (to use an Austin Kleon Show your Work concept) for it.

My friend Sian and I had a lovely hour or so making a library and community centre with fishpond, book stack (or outdoor dunny, take your pick) and public sculpture. other people at our table made a football field and gingerbread houses.

Fun fact: to ensure the cardboard doens’t contain any greeblies all of the packing boxes used were frozen.

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