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Coaching Business Women

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Cindy Tonkin coaches a select band of brilliant business women. Many of them run Marketing, Human Resources or Corporate Services environments. Some of them run their own businesses. They have problems at work like these:

  • a need to talk through your problems, so you can sort them out, but cannot always trust your colleagues or your boss to not use it against you
  • talented staff who sometimes leave you flummoxed about what to do next
  • high potential staff you’d like to encourage
  • some challenges with managing upwards
  • issues with colleagues or clients you’d like to clear so you can behave normally with them.

Want to be calmer, make better decisions, get clearer on what happens next, define what’s acceptable behaviour from your peers and staff?

Talk to Cindy: just pick up the phone and call +61 412 135 426 to get more information about Cindy’s coaching. Or click here to schedule a quick ten minute call into your diary.

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