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Beer Day

Cindy Tonkin - July 24, 2008

On my way here today I took this photo of a Foster’s trucks. You can’t see them, but there are 5 more branded beer trucks parked behind this one. I figure it is what happens on the day of a game. It’s on tonight!

Today’s impro: warm up was the game where you say yes and take someone’s place. Except you point and they say “go”. Then we mixed it up a little. We substituted zombie hands for the point, and a scream for “go”. Then we did both patterns. And next we added another set (air guitar for pointing, followed by air drums for “go”). All done simultaneously. Fun.

Oh mighty Isis was next. A series of tableaux. (Oh mighty Isis show me a plane). Bill-dom: an audience would rather see it done well than done quickly. True, and something our timed games may beat out of us.

From there we built environments (with no people). And then we were people in environments.

Then we did what seems to be a trend – a content free exercise where one person “fell” and the other 14 people carried them around. Each one was different in style (we had an Egyptian funeral, a woman buried at Stonehenge, a group sing along of Fly me to the Moon). Like yesterday’s dance number I believe it was designed to bond. It went on for a long time though.

We went on to a shared story between 8 people. Usually this is conducted, but we just passed focus. And then onto a typewriter style of scene, without any defined narrators as such, again passing focus randomly.

We ended with 2 person scenes where you needed to mime objects in an environment in order to speak (like a touch to talk, but a mime to talk).

It’s been a full morning. It’s a privilege to be in a room with so many talented people doing such lovely things!

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