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Advanced intensive playing around

Cindy Tonkin - June 13, 2016

The advanced summer intensive at iO is new this year. A little over 40 people, most of whom seem to have done their intensive last year, are here to play.
My class of 14 includes a Bulgarian, a Korean, 2 Poles, an englishman, a Canadian and assorted Americans (big san Fran contingent). And an Australian. Me.
I’m finally getting over the jetlag. But i regret the amazing French toast with marinated strawberries i ate on Saturday which gave me a facial rash and constant indigestion. You live you learn you travel you challenge your food boundaries.
Here is some of what we did on day 1.
The second half of the afternoon we did 2 x 14 person montages.
So cool to be hanging and playing!


1. Make strong moves
2. Support strong moves

Pillow fights never end well. Either the pillow or the person breaks.
What if 1/3 of the audience were deaf and 1/3 were blind.  Can you make the show be ok for them too?
A strong choice can be thrown away but an i don’t know goes nowhere
Any time you have to do something in a show you’ve never done go do it! (Fly a plane, throw knives, play backgammon).
Demo on the meaning of openings: Toss a coin.  Call heads or tails. Don’t reveal the outcome.Whatever you think it is that’s how certain you’ll ever be about what an opening means (50/50 chance of being right or wrong).  You have to carry on as if you know.
You can be mad about a show for as long as the show was.
“All it takes is 10secs of courage”  (we bought a zoo).


Eye contact covert physicality

1 walk around making eye contact with each other naturally
2 choose just one person. Now walk around seeking eye contact with that person you chose. If they also chose you then maintain for ten secs then move on
3 pre-frame: safety is the number one rule: Teacher nominates the person that everyone seeks eye contact with (say Jill). That person chooses someone else (Jill chooses Anne).  Everyone tries to get eye contact with Jill or steal the eye contact from Anne.

Debriefing qs include what it felt like.  The tactics and techniques for distraction. As a side line the group gets comfortable with close body contact and eye contact really quickly.

Soundscape exercises

1. Seeking to match the sounds in the dark
2. Seeking to compliment in the dark
3. Lights on 75% sound 25% physicality
4. 50/50

Mind / character read

Sit in chairs opposite to your partner
Give eye contact for 2 mins
What can you say about them? Eg she reads signs in museums, she needs a massage, she believes in horoscopes.
2 mins thinking and looking time
1 thing out loud from each person (to give eg)
Then share 1 to 1
Debrief on truth.

Character traits

1. Think of 3 things about yourself you like
2. Choose one and make it the driver for your character in a 2 person scene.

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