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A Woman’s Worth

Cindy Tonkin - September 20, 2012

This Marianne Williamson book I bought myself. The creamy paper is so beautiful, and it was compact, which makes it a nice candidate for altering (in my book!). I often start altering without knowing what the through-line is going to be – so I start in the middle and hope to find a theme by the time I get all the pages down. Took me a while to find it, but this one is basically a lot about furniture. Still keeping the idea of “throughness” which is common to most of my altered books.

This book is a lot brighter than many of my books or indeed many of my works. I used oil pastel to colour and also acrylics. Once I started on the strong colours they became a theme.    

You can see the bottom of an ad for Parapluies Revel. I saw the original painting in the art museum in Lyon in 2014 – I loved the image so much, didn’t know it was famous as a painting as well!

I often like to use fabrics, this is the first time (i think) that i’d used chairs and tables and chests of drawers to emphasise the throughness.

There’s the parapluie revel image.

This page doesn’t really belong in the book – but it was too late to delete it.  

here’s the furniture.

This page has a bit of oil pastel “junk” rubbed in. I scraped it back (you can see the marks) because it was just too much. Altered books are all about learning i figure!

I love the rust with the butterfly.

and the echidna with the bed works too.

I started to realise it was all about the furniture eventually!

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