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101 Dalmatians

Cindy Tonkin - August 30, 2021

When i saw the Andy Warhol retrospective a few years ago at AGNSW, i was enchanted particularly by his line drawings of new york buildings, and i wondered where in my childhood i had seen them, or ones like them.

I found some in one of my childhood story books, and i’ve added them below, but having watched the newest Cruella prequel, i went back this week and watched the original animated 101 Dalmatians.

There were I think the original buildings that I loved, which echoed throughout my life. Can’t say that my house series is necessarily inspired by them, but it certainly adds to my way of drawing buildings and suburbs. I had to take screenshots with my camera, since disney plus won’t allow screen shots (which makes sense, but when i can take my cam out of my pocket…). Anyway, here they are.

I googled the artist, Walt Peregoy. he said what he did differently was draw on the cel, and have the water colour behind it. i do know that the close up images are more vibrant, and i like them less than the establishment shot style images.

Also found this pinterest page and this blog.

Ronald Searle was involved in the project somehow, and i found these images of Paris sketches he did. Not what is in my childhood brain, but interesting nonetheless.

I’ve added some experiments i did with water colours (i found some tiny mica-filled watercolours, so it was what was on my desk) at the end of the images.

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