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More week 1 exercises

Cindy Tonkin - July 13, 2016

Here are some exercises we did with in week 1 of the iO Summer intensive, day 2.


We constructed a fake product and did a commercial for it. He asked us Q’s and the first offer was the answer (no searching for a better one).  Here were the questions:

  • i’m in the (name of room) of my home, I reach out and pick up a (x)
  • I’m in (another room) I go (specific piece of furniture in the room) and grab a (y)
  • it does what?
  • colour?
  • Price?
  • available where?
    tag line
  • celeb endorsement
  • jingle

then we performed it.

did a few as a group, and then we had less than 2 minutes to “prepare”. It was too little time on purpose, so we had to improvise the missing elements (no one else knew what we’d decided).

DIY short form game

  1. create your own short form game (our class’ games centred around giving some people the opportunity not to speak, or to speak in their own language)
  2. Twist: you don’t get to play it, you explain to another team and they play it!

You look…

Line 1: Hi (name) you look (emotion)

Line 2: I am (emotion) because…


Soundscape from nothing

key question afterwards: what did you visualise?

Machine from nothing

What did you build?

Word Association

I love

I love x because y (this can be a long explanation, something like a short monologue)

make it true.

2nd person associates with the last thing the previous person said to say something they love too…. achieves the same as a word association, but it’s more story-like

All of these were openings. Some of them we went from the opening to scenes.

We ended the day with single words to scenes.

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