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Tiny Library together

Cindy Tonkin - January 4, 2022

I recently gifted the tiny library to my Auntie Suzie. I noticed that there were several chapters to the tiny library story, so here they are all together in one.

The library was a series of small books inside what was a 2-bottle wine box. it looked like a shelf when on its side. Each of the books inside was made from encaustic pages I’d made after I did an encaustic workshop at a Sturt winter school.

At first I concentrated on just filling it up. It looked like this: Tiny bookshelf part 1.

I wasn’t satisfied that the pieces looked good together, so I pulled out some of the books and made more in keeping with how I wanted it to look: the library v2

More tiny library outlines advances in filling the space adequately and beautifully.

and Tiny library almost done continues the story, which ends with at last the tiny library all accessioned.

Overall the work took weeks and weeks (excluding the hours it took to make the original encaustic pieces!). A labour of love, of course, that’s why i do it. It’s nice to bring it all together in a single post!

Now my Auntie Suzie, who was (is?) a librarian, has it as part of her own library.

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