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Slope cards

Cindy Tonkin - September 20, 2007

When I learnt to write cursive they gave us all slope cards.
When I cleared out my mum’s stuff in 2007ish I found a store of them (she used to teach).
The photos look good. The present wrapping ribbon wasn’t the best binding material. I still have this book and I intend to re-use it (is it an altered book if i made the book myself originally?).
This was done around 2007. I’ve sewn on all kinds of things:


stamps and small fish


some of my mum’s old music from teaching (paw paw patch was a dance and song we learnt in primary school), and some buttons


a rubbing from Sturt (i have a favourite man hole cover there)


some old sewing pattern

A newsagent’s bag (the pinky/purple below) and some letter beads I bought at Sturt one year.

I spent ages decorating each page. I feel it’s not really finished, and it will be re-modelled.

The back of the slope card had instructions on how to sit, hold the pen and the angle of the page.

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