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Cindy Tonkin - October 28, 2017

These laser cut squares, some with tiny circles cut into them, have been hanging around since I did laser cutting at Sturt, probably 3 or 4 years.

Today I had the brainwave to turn them into a single flag book.

I decorated the backs with rubber stamps (inspired by my current postcard project).  It’s always great how one piece makes the next one.

This single flag is on a tiny concertina (only half a cm per fold). it was a hassle to work so small, but with these sized folds I made the whole thing, including back and front cover, with a single piece of A4 card which was convenient.

I may add a cover or a case, and I’m quite pleased with how it looks right now!

The glue removed some of the acrylic paint so i coloured in with a gold coloured sharpie close to the spine.

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