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Rehabilitated concertina

Cindy Tonkin - January 9, 2018

When I first starting working with books, maybe around 2008, I made this concertina from some leftover papers. I joined the concertina where the paper ended (not on a fold), I painted it magenta. It stuck there.

10 years later I’ve put it through the print press. It’s been embossed and mono-printed. I also experimented with chine colle. And I cut out some house-themed silhouettes.

If you follow this concertina through from one end to the other you’re walking into my home (more or less) and then out the back door at the other end of the book. I used to hate the magenta and the paper felt dry. Now with oil based inks it’s got a lovely sheen to it, and the magenta has become rich and beautiful.

Very happy (surprised too) with this one.

The concertina is approximately 20cm high, and each panel is around 8cm wide

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