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Random 2011 works

Cindy Tonkin - August 3, 2011

It’s 2023 and I’m retrospectively clearing images of art works from my hard drive.

These are just labelled Art works 2011.

A birdhouse piece (which, minus the roof, still lives in my spare room). The birdhouse was originally an image of dancing people. I added dress pattern paper, as i do when i don’t know what to do. then I masked out bits with blue paint, leaving giant dinner plate sized windows, and recognised birds in it. It may have been inspired by the birds hanging off the summer red eucalypt we had growing in our front yard (until it died when James left!). It’s 1 m square.

Two cabinet of curiosities pieces – where I glued random images and ephemera to grids. both are 30 x 60 (well one is 60×30).

two trouble boards, redone (probably around the time I did the first kimonopolies). i still have the boards, and one day maybe I’ll remake them. around 30x30cm

this one has images from family photos (all scanned so i no longer needed the originals). I see me and james and my nephew ian, and brian rabjohn, my uncle robbie and his wife, Andrew and Mel – a cavalcade of friends. i feel like i’m the host of romper room naming everyone!

This one made an attempt to be political astute without making any real statement – it uses maps. I had been playing with a scrabble board, so i already had a heap of offcuts 1cm square.

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