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Postcard project: Tiny houses on a square

Cindy Tonkin - December 11, 2017

I’ve begun to settle into the Tiny houses made from postcards.

Avril gave me a number of framing mats from ikea frames, and I’ve put the houses around the frame. I’m planning to suspend several of them one above the other.

to assist in the perspective of it all i have made 3 sizes of houses – the originals which were 3/4″, then some 7/8″ and 1″ squares. (I may even try two sizes smaller?).

becoming quite adept at making this.

Some of the postcards may look great with their coloured sides out, but i really do like the fragments of writing that show in this version.

I originally joined the houses with glue stick. Then i tried PVA, but neither stuck very well on the plasticated fronts of the cards. Then I tried sticky dots, but the pressure was too much for them too. I have now settled on tiny (size 10) staples. It’s not super convenient, but it works well. I tried one brad, but it was even more effort and the brad was too long (but the shiny brass bit looks good). May attach some shiny bits or jewels somewhere along the line.

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