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Postcard Project Mock ups

Cindy Tonkin - October 9, 2017

I have probably more than 100 postcards sent to me especially in the 80s when I lived in Paris (and in the aftermath, when my Paris friends were sending me cards for a while).

We used to send postcards all the time when we went away, and this collection is dear to me, but not that important. I have scanned them back and front and sent the scans to friends who sent them then. Some of those friends I haven’t contacted for more than 20 years, and we’re having some fun re-connections.

I’m yet to know what I want to say with this project. I love the look of handwriting (I used it in a number of projects, especially Dragons can be beatenReceipt is acknowledgedReceipt is acknowledged ii).

I’ve also used postcards already in Paris Piton and M et Mme Piton: working with postcards 1,  M et Mme Piton: the flag book.

I want this time to investigate some other book object options: I reviewed my favourite Shereen La Plantz book and the 100 books book.  I was looking for structures I’d forgotten or hadn’t yet used.

I came up with these ones. I’m still working on it. and you’ll see the results as I develop the project further.

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