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Paris Piton

Cindy Tonkin - July 11, 2017

After I’ve worked on a slow moving series like the Series of Unfortunate Events I love to just play a little. I’ve been using the leftovers from the 6 altered books and other bits and bobs for a while.

This little concertina is on grey paper I laser cut years ago.

The coloured offcuts are from a photo i had printed of my work: Karina’s Paris houses.

The small envelopes are from a Paris street directory I used every day when I lived there in 1989.

The turkish map which explodes from the middle is a print out of handwriting postcards scans from the Pitons – they gave me their vintage postcards years ago. It’s printed small on an atlas index page.

I love that I’ve brought together a whole series of eras from my own life in this one small piece.

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