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Cindy Tonkin - October 10, 2018

Numbers is called that because the letters which stick out on the mountains of each page are in fact numbers.

This one came after Premium White. I tried some different folding to see if i could have a grandstand effect (not from scratch, after I’d already folded it in 16ths). It didn’t sit right so then I glued those differentially folded bits together.

I wanted to have some colour on the protruding numbers, used an oil pastel at first and then a coloured marker to make the lilac / brown bits. Shaded the entire back of the piece to get the lilac it now has.

I have had a tiny concertina in a box on my desk for months: the tiny concertina used an offcut from the monoprinted wall paper, and another offcut which was the concertina in tissue paper. I’d added one of my favourite tiny brown ribbons to it and it sat on the box. To my surprise Numbers was the exact size for the book.

Covered numbers in some left over wall paper, made a belly band of wall paper lined with wall paper, attached with brads (the wall paper won’t glue on the vinyl side). Then a leftover piece of wall paper to skirt the box.

So it’s been a total voyage of discovery, make do, improvising and fun.

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