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More pages for the Sydney Writers’ Festival Installation

Cindy Tonkin - May 4, 2013

Sydney BAG (Book Arts Group), of which I’m part, is preparing an installation for Pier 2/3 at the Sydney Writer’s Festival. The concept is a Hills Hoist (An Australian invention, an adjustable rotary clothes line) with altered pages from abandoned books.
There are 6 of us working on pages, so it will be an interesting installation to pull together.
I already posted a few of my pages.
Here is a selection of the 100 or so I created last weekend. Most have been photographed on a window, which is why there is show through of words for both sides. I am hoping for some innovative lighting to highlight the transparency of some of the pages.
The interesting thing is the show-through with light creates a totally different work where I have decorated the pages on both sides.

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