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Get Physical with Jay Olson

Cindy Tonkin - July 25, 2011

extra workshop on Friday called “Get Physical”.
included some variations on short form games which may interest you.

walk around the stage, then intensify the walking around – if this is 5, make it 7, make it 1,  make it 4, etc

dance: with music playing, then dance like a construction worker, a surgeon, a teenage boy, a society matron..

3 line scenes: just normal, then grounded in the physical, again only 3 lines, but they had more meaning, and the scenes were more interesting

freeze tag blind called by teacher, then freeze tag blind but also called blind

stage directions (line in a bucket, but with stage directions instead: eat a delicious sandwich, take an ax and chop things down, kiss someone) with the need to justify within the scene – added fun to scenes. if you’re at a pool and your stage direction says to light a fire, you don’t have to justify immediately, start slowly, do all of the component parts (find paper, lay the wood out, light the matches, blow on it to catch) until someone else notices / brings attention to it, or until something in the scene makes it relevant. even if it’s not relevant when you start, it will become so.

make up a childhood game: jay made us remember the childhood games we had played (hopscotch, red rover, simon says), and then asked us in a group of 7 to make one up. What resulted was a playful, joyful, supportive pattern-based organic opening, without the heaviness of trying to create art (or any whooshing out of place). we did a couple of these, then he started giving us names for the game (like an ask for), like robbers and farmyard, or the bank is closed. had a great time and created some really interesting connections.

connect everything to emotions – if you  hear laughing do it more
get into trouble
be naught
do something carefully and physically, and it will never be wasted

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