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Luxury and Excess

Cindy Tonkin - March 3, 2018

So the last two weeks on my Friday art day I’ve made split double concertinas (here and here).

This week I spent a few hours with my book buddies making tiny books for our open studio day.

Then I wanted to see what would happen if I used the very floppy vinyl wallpaper I printed on at Sturt to make a double concertina.

I just did the kind of double concertina where you put splits top of one concertina and bottom of the other, then pull together.

Then i attached it to a third concertina to be the “spine”. The tricky thing is that the vinyl side of the wallpaper won’t stick with glue, so i cut some vents which became tabs and adhered them to the 3rd concertina. It all felt a little dense, so I added some windows in all of the concertina.

It’s not that exciting, and it was an interesting experiment.

The concertina is about 8cm high.

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