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Cindy Tonkin - February 16, 2018

Today I made a double layer split concertina.

Materials: I’m working through a big backlog of prints done at Sturt Summer School in January. Each bit is inspiring me to do something different with it.

This one used some 4cm laser cut squares: originally acrylic works from 2007 or so, cut into squares at Sturt in 2015/6, printed on the back of this summer at Sturt. Now finally they are in a work, what a ride!

the outer bits are from “normal” paper printed at the same time.

I used oil based printing ink, mostly sepia, sometimes black, sometimes black and then sepia

some of the prints are ghost prints (maybe 4th or 5th time ghost prints).

I love this form.

The whole things measures around 6cm high, so it’s not large.

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