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Tiny books for the Inner West Open Studio 2018

Cindy Tonkin - March 2, 2018

For the second  year in a row me and my book buddies, the Sydney Book Art Group, are moving our work to the Annandale Neighbourhood Centre for a day, so that people can come see us working, see our works and just generally see what artists do with their time. It’s part of the Inner West Open Studio series, in Art Month.

This year we’re giving everyone who comes (well the first 124 people who come) a tiny tiny book.

We met today to fold them.

I created the concertina book pattern on my PC and just printed on photocopying paper. They each have our Sydney Book Art Group website and a logo that Avril Makula (who is part of Sydney BAG) made for us. I then added words artfully arranged from one of my favourite quotes about books

When you sell a book you don’t sell just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue.

You sell a whole new life.

Love and friendships and humour and ships at sea by night.

There’s all heaven and earth in a book.

Christopher Morley, Journalist, Novelist, Essayist, Poet (not the actor).

The folders were Cathie Edlington, Lisa Giles and Barbara Bartlett.

They all started out inventive with the folding (my originally conceived concertina became tiny 4 page books, tiny flying things, tiny origami pieces), and after they had to fold 100 of them (well about 25 each) they started to get less inventive). So some people will get slightly different books

Each book is around 1.5cm high.

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