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Final Curtain

Cindy Tonkin - December 7, 2018

This piece involves two of my past Sturt Summer School experiences: the laser cut squares from the times I did laser cutting. They are from an old acrylic work. Then last summer I did monoprinting with Glenn Skien and I put those pieces, back and front through the press. 

These are the individual pieces. Some of them are beautiful works in themselves.  

I created a single concertina with pockets to hold the little pix, and decorated it with some of the blue tissue that I’d used to catch the “offcuts” of the print press (there’s no doubt a technical term for this). I then added a border stamp to make it all come together. 

I wanted a box for it, and so I used this old Ngaio Marsh omnibus book, and carved out a hole for the white concertina, and embedded it. 

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