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Brequereque – a concertina

Cindy Tonkin - February 20, 2015

See the history of this piece of work here and here.
Called brequereque because it’s a reasonably unique name on one of the street maps encausticed into this concertina. The map is a tourist map of Vence, which is just outside of Nice in France. A lovely little village, where I stayed for a few days in 2012
Today i secured each end of the concertina into the box. Now when you pull on the ribbons it opens like a real concertina or accordion.
Added some of my fimo buttons.
I like how the light shows through the paper – the encaustic wax scars the paper in some way that makes it translucent. Adds another layer of texture and pattern to the work!


And below is the colophon with details of the materials I made it with.

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