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Playing around

Cindy Tonkin - February 15, 2015

And stitched together the encaustic book i made in January.
then I decorated the back of it with Gold ink and khaki oil pastel.
As if often the case, the back and the front don’t match (i can never make them match). And there’s part of me that likes the back better then the front, but that’s not always true.

See the front of the book here.

i decorated the box with panels from the book. All that’s left is to attach buttons to the box, which will happen next week.

The bits on the outside of the box are so pretty i don’t want to cover them up so i plan to display the box on its end and attach the concertina to either part of the box so it is literally an accordion.
I originally cut the paper as a snake book (leperello) so parts of the book sit wrongly because they are against the grain. Live and learn.

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