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A flowchart which determines what kind of scene you are in

Cindy Tonkin - August 15, 2011

Miles Stroth’s genius is unbounded.
He does, however, prefer to use words to explain things.
I have translated his words into a simple flowchart for deciding what type of scene you are in. To discover the way you play each scene, go back a few days in this blog.

I’m not 100% comfortable with this, because we it implies a sequential decision making process, which isn’t how I experience it, but it does cut through the stuff and show you the 4 questions you need to ask to get to the heart of Miles’ 5 types of scenes most easily.

Comments welcome.

I did check the original hand drawn one of these with Miles, but I’ve made it prettier and it’s more elegant looking here.

If you can’t read this, please check out the pdf.


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