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Cindy Tonkin - April 2, 2018

Over Easter I’ve been playing with split concertina.

This one began because of the frame offcuts I picked up at Sturt this year. I ran the offcuts through the print press then, to make a monoprint mark. So they have that lovely sepia colour. The “solid” pieces are an old ink work over which I’ve monoprinted in black and sepia, so it adds a tiny bit of colour.

I connected them on a concertina. Then I figured I could push it further with a split concertina.

Then I needed a box to put it in. I found a book called “Whoops” (hence the name of this piece). I had picked it up from a puddle by the side of the road near Bespoke and Grind one Sunday morning after breakfast. I gutted it and made a box from Whoops.

That’s the piece.

I like the shadows it casts.

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