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Atlas split concertina

Cindy Tonkin - April 1, 2018

I had a dream on the night of Good Friday.

In the dream I made a very large split concertina.

So when I woke up I found a Reader’s Digest atlas I had in the cupboard and made it into a quick concertina. Before breakfast even.

It looked great, but as I added more splits (just to see how far I could push it) the paper got too light to withstand the weight.

These are the photos of the book at it’s third layer.

I learnt that I can embed smaller splits off centre, though, and that’s interesting.

and I kinda like the pictures.

I spent the rest of Easter adding to my broadening knowledge of how much I can split a concertina.

The atlas is about 40cm x 30cm (so not that large).

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