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Cindy Tonkin - January 9, 2019

I have been making slipcovers from the Hedi Kyle recipe in Art of the Fold.

Here are some of them.

I have been having some difficulty with the instructions, probably because of my own need to rush ahead and just make. in fact I made the same mistake 3 times, and then i stopped, did one without the instructions and made it work… and now I have to return to the instructions and see where I got it wrong

the design is to do a half slipcase and then make a full slipcase to go over the half, making a “lid”. I did one like that using the Giorgia Maria Griffa calendar I’ve been using. It’s about 110 gsm and china coated, so it took the folds well (if you look closely at the original you’ll see where I mis-folded, but who’s looking, right?). Since I’ve begun to think of every work i do as a maquette I’m less concerned about the perfection of it all, anyway. I then made some of a soft japanese paper (some of nicola’s prints she passed on to me last year). it has a pleasing leather purse feel to it. not sure how much wear it could stand up to, but since my pieces are mostly seen and touched by fewer than a dozen people it’s not a big deal. and i’m learning, which is the point of this whole thing:

the limiting factor is the larger the book the larger the piece of paper to make the cover (this one I made a shorter lid, because it was designed to BE a lid and it doesn’t have to be full size to be a lid).

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