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Potter Jan 2024

Cindy Tonkin - January 29, 2024

Every trip to Melbourne must include a quick duck in to see something at the Ian Pottery Centre at Fed. Square.

This trip didn’t disappoint.

Most of the things I absolutely love – Fred Williams’, the Brett Whitely, were still there, and there was a lot more women’s art in evidence (yay). So most of my pix are of women’s art, most of which I hadn’t seen before (maybe some of the Clarice Beckett, and Ethel Carrick but not Yvonne Audette, Mary Swanzy, Iso Rae, Emma Minnie Boyd and more.. where have they been (don’t answer that question). Anyway, lovely to see them.

Also a concertina from John Baldessari, radiating from a central piece, which is kinda new (but not revolutionary, obviously, since he did it so long ago). The trick would be to fold the final folds so it all goes back together nicely. And Ed Ruscha’s gas station book which i have seen there before.

I photographed Malala Andrialavidrazana’s two pieces mostly to remind myself that I can use all of the maps that Sandy gave me years ago as the background for a piece (like I did here in 2007. The original i can’t find, only a slider I made to put on the website, so here it is:

That particular piece is on a National Geographic pull out map, then I did some rubbings on the tiles and drains at Sturt, and added on a heap of bits. Why aren’t I doing that any more? maybe because I stopped doing large 2d works, more or less when I stopped going to Willoughby Arts Centre, maybe? So those big map pieces are for that.

I do adore the Max Dupain photograph of his dashboard (and what is probably the Old Balmain power station).

there was also a tiny Namatjira workshop / works inspired by / done by his descendants, and what I liked was the banners dropping from the ceiling.

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