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Open Press blue on brown

Cindy Tonkin - January 6, 2021

So once I had the press working, I played randomly with the existing plates (all on tetra paks, remember).

i had set up a couple of plates with some salt, pepper, lime flowers, and tea. I’d glued them down and nicola was concerned that i would dirty my ink, so i covered it in sticky tape which gave another kind of texture for the brown prints. Today I took off the tape and added some masking tape.

I over printed yesterday’s brown prints and then launched off into some blue ones. By now the lint roller was broken, so today I used a large lime green spatula I bought when i was doing clay all those years ago. (i will have to upload some of those sculpture pix, they are on my hard drive from before I had a blog!).

Here are the blue and brown and blue along prints. there were so many that I didn’t photograph them all individually. The hardest thing about the week will be choosing what works. I sense that i will have a heap of left over prints like i did with the wallpaper monoprints. I also bought a child’s rolling pin, which worked kinda, but not as easily as the spatula – the pin kept rolling. nicola swears i will not know myself when i get a real brayer.

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