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Oh yeah Baby Wants Candy

Cindy Tonkin - August 2, 2008

Here is a photo of the longest row of newspaper vending machines I’ve ever seen.

You see people buying their papers from these in the movies. Obviously the newsagent concept isn’t that big here. Some of these are free (real estate ads disguised as social pages or job ads disguised as band listings). Some of them you pay for.

Just saw Baby wants Candy. Five players, one woman. A four piece band (keyboard, bass, guitar, drums). They were definitely good improvisors first and foremost. There was a little fucking around (“you decide”, no you, “no you”, dammit, that plot device makes everything not important, “hang on we now have 3 ways to see the future).

Three of the guys were in the Shakespeare last Friday night. The faces of the good players are recurring consistently.

A great night’s entertainment, and after they’d done their 1 hour musical, they gave us another 15 or 20, interviewing an audience member and then telling us her life.

Again, they take a lot longer with their set up than we do, but then their scenes do too. It does mean 30% or more of what they do is just retelling, though, which doesn’t require much.

Would love to do what they do!!!

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