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My Heart 12

Cindy Tonkin - October 24, 2023

When I made My Heart last week I re did the inserts because I didn’t like them well enough (and I learn every time I make something).

I was about to do them a third time when I figured I could just start a new one, so here is the new one.

I have a huge (and now dwindling) stock of envelopes. This time rather than putting them on a concertina i made a concertina of the envelopes themselves. Just glued the flaps of one envelope to the back of the next one.

Lessons from this series include:

  • one message per page (double-sided if need be, but self-contained)
  • get enough paper to line inside the envelope before gluing the first one down
  • i accidentally put one envelope in backwards (so it showed on the other side from all of the others), but that could be a feature

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