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Klee inspired

Cindy Tonkin - January 6, 2022

Continuing my collage series. This time Paul Klee. I was reticent to approach these because i wasn’t clear that an abstract work would teach me much, but having now done two of his works, i see the underlying structure of the images. I found them in an old book i had at home, and i have discovered that these two works may have been quite early in klee’s life span.

The first, Moonlight Night, is from 1920. The composition is in fact a lot of mirrors across a centre. None of the lines are in the middle, though, and that’s interesting.

The second, Landscape with Three Blackbirds is from 1927. I’m planning on working on a newer Klee in the next few days.

I’ve done another Klee, see here.

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