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Interlacing Newtown Streets

Cindy Tonkin - August 16, 2012

acrylic and collage on canvas 75x60cm 2012

My friend Chris gave me an old lace curtain. I loved how it changed the world of what was underneath. This piece works on that association. I think of the nosy neighbour, Mrs Kravitz in Bewitched, but literature and movies are filled with observers, kind and otherwise, who peek through curtains.

The under painting was inspired by a summer spent in Italy for a friends’ 50thbirthday. I superimposed the map of Newtown. The A shape recurs throughout this series, with some artistic license.

There is something similar between the feel of maps and the look of lace. I added a few buttons and beads and some rubbings from Cockatoo Island machines for good measure.

Overall this piece makes me feel happy.

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