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February collage goes on

Cindy Tonkin - February 19, 2022

Yes, more collage. 

I’m really enjoying this series for its portability, small size, and fast output. I am almost machinal when making them, but not in a bad way. not judging, stopping when i’ve done 3 or 4 bits, and then circling back to improve (or just to evaluate which ones work best). 

I have also been posting most of them onto instagram and therefore my personal facebook account, and people seem to like some of them. which isn’t the point of making them, and it’s lovely to know. I’ve distributed versions of some of the recent collages to Gilles Vigneault in Quebec, Shirley Gribble in Canberra, Monika Schumaker in Germany, Richard Bennett (who already has a considerable “Tonkin annexe”, Gina Schien (ditto). Since one of my outcomes with my art is not to sell it, but to have it in 1000 places, i’m getting there. 3 or 4 places at a time!

Here are some more from this week’s collage efforts, while watching rom coms and eps of Cheers. 

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