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Cindy Tonkin - June 30, 2022

Two small books are made from scraps of paper trimmed from books in this dragons theme. I am currently in college reclaiming mode – putting pieces of scraps to good use, but these were a heap of the same thing. 

The paper has scans of Paris maps, my favorite dragon quote and other things.

So I made a concertina, found some quotes and added a leather cover from an old pair of boots I saved. 
There are 2 different books.
The first is from the poet Robert Cording. I got it from the daily newsletter I receive from The Writers’ Almanac. The relevant passage says:

Say it, please. Say how it will always be
when we meet again. After everything
we made together is torn apart, nothing
left of us but this paper wish. Tell me.

the second book has a quote that Austin Kleon brought my attention to

Being a writer is an act of perpetual self-authorization.
No matter who you are.
Only you can authorize yourself….
No one else can authorize you.
No one.

And a word about the boots. these were my favorite boots for years, and I wore them for more than 10 winters. they had zippers to make them shorter, but I rarely unzipped them. I am so glad I can still have them in these pieces!

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