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Van Gogh on the big screen

Cindy Tonkin - October 23, 2020

Went to see the Van Gogh extravaganza at Fox Studios today. 

It was great artisitically, but it was not thrilling. 

I liked it for the opportunity it gives for all of us to see big versions of every artists work and for the fact that the same exhibition could show worldwide. 

I loved the gentle animation – a train through Paris, a windmill in Holland some stars in the night sky. 

While it was biographically arranged it could have been a different story, and the images would have been great to see. 

None of the tech is out of reach for normal people (if you can afford a few projectors, which i just googled, and a mini one from a phone costs around $200 (I just bought one)).

I already own 2 screens. And they are not too expensive either.

So if i ever do an exhibition again I might consider a multi media thing like this. 

The music was also beautifully matched. 

I think artists were not the prime audience, and for many people this would have been the first time they heard the classical music that they played with the images (which, they said, was historically accurate). 

I strung together the video i took on the day used 1 second a day (since I have the software on my phone).

It isn’t great, but it gives a flavour. 

Here it is.

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