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Spire – a tunnel

Cindy Tonkin - July 24, 2017

I’ve been saving the box my spire came in for years.

Have to say the Spire was underwhelming (originally it only worked on i things – and i didn’t own an ipod, iphone or mac to use it on, then when I got one it really didn’t do what it was supposed to do). But the box, with the circle on the front is beautiful.

So I’ve created a circular tunnel book from encaustic pages I made a while ago.

the side panel concertina is made from tyvek – my that stuff is strong! White as a colour is usually a problem, but it seems to work quite well with these pages.

Then I’ve made a book from the circles to go in the tiny box under the large circle in the box… and a slip case also from encaustic!

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