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Postcards: more double split concertina

Cindy Tonkin - October 27, 2017

I continue to explore what exactly the project project is about.

Today’s contribution is more double split concertina in the apple watch box.

I’ve moved from using washi tape to join the pieces to now using document repair tape. It’s virtually transparent and so it is less part of the design. plus of course the old washi wasn’t sticking! The only downside is how hard it is to separate the tape from its backing.

I’ve pretty much filled the apple watch box now (i could keep on going and going until it was even more tightly filled, but I’ve run out of European postcards, and all of these so far are European).

I have another batch waiting to be scanned, so perhaps I’ll add to it later.

My next step is to create some kind of collaged printed paper that I can use to line the box.

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